Arapuke Webcam/Weatherstation Build

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Webcam funded and installed by Netfone

Weatherstation funded by MMBC and installed by Harry Wells


Many people generously donated their time and materials to make this Webcam project come alive.

 This part of NZ has some challenges. One challenge is Wind. The Tararua Ranges can experience extremely high wind gusts in exposed areas, which are capable of bending and breaking structures. It was vital that the Camera tower was designed to cope with wind gusts of 150Kph without damage. 

There is no electricity, and no Internet in the park so this meant a 16 kilometre point-to-point wireless internet link from town was required. 

Netfone supplied the equipment and labour to connect this camera-site to the internet.  Thanks to Netfones software developer Omar for working out the streaming Video “tech” and building some cool tools along the way that he has open-sourced. Its been a really fun project.

 Thanks as well to the suppliers who assisted with this project, Christie Sheet metals  and Scotty Bruce.

Tower Drawings - Vert-X

Vert-X created the engineering drawings for the tower, making sure it was strong enough to stand the storms. Thanks, Steve & Jason for your community spirit.

Solar Stand - Altherm Aluminium

A big thanks to Altherm Aluminium who fabricated the stand for the solar panels, and have allowed their building rooftop to be used for the Broadband-Dish that delivers wireless broadband.  Altherm  assisted with the installation at the site as well – thanks Mike!.


Many volunteers, Rob Vandenberg, Ollie Neilson, Mike Borens, Rolf Lennards

Weather Station

Weather Station was purchased by the Manawatu Mountain Bike Club and installed by Harry Wells

Build Timeline

6 July 2019 Vert-X Structural Engineering Consultants  Design Approved for constructions

8 July 2019  Pole Construction  begins 

8 July 2019 Construction of concrete foundation pad

8 Aug 2019 300Kg, 5m high Antenna-tower is ready for relocation. 

1 Nov 2019  Construction crew  prepare the site, and 3 tonne foundation craned into position, and tower errected

5 November 2019 –  Volunteeers transport and prepare the solar panels to power the webcam 

5 November to 27 November 2019 – Netfone commence cabling and installation of electrics and Broadband. 

27 November 2019 – Base station installed at Altherm Aluminium in Keith Street Palmerston North. The base station feeds the internet to the Webcam.

10 December 2019 – Live streaming begins

10 November 2023 – Weatherstation installed and went live



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Funder and Installer